Animus Loci

From 25/05/2018 to 30/11/2018, Chiavari, Napoli, Bologna, Trieste, Palermo, Ventotene e Norcia

Animus Loci is anitinerary through Italian locations with a strong European value, to be developed in seven stages: Chiavari, Naples, Bologna, Trieste, Palermo, Ventotene and Norcia. Each stage will host an institutional event and an interactive meeting with the local citizens, allowing them to gain first-hand experience of what Europe is in Italy today.

The seven dimensions of the Animus Loci are:

– “The Europe of the peoples” (Chiavari);

– “The European flow of conscience” (Trieste);

– “The culture of food in the Mediterranean” (Palermo);

– “Europe, a dream of freedom” (Ventotene);

– “Europe, the torch of civilisation” (Norcia);

– “Europe and university education” (Bologna);

– “The heart of European opera” (Palermo).

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