Let’s meet in the garden

Trail leading to the discovery of heritage between art and nature - For a national garden route 

From 02/06/2018 to 03/06/2018, All over Italy

Italy has been called the Garden of Europe for centuries, for the beauty of its landscapes dotted with residences, castles and gardens. Our gardens are the trait d’union between architecture and landscape, nature and culture, historical heritage and a manufacturing vocation.

On 2nd and 3rd June, concurrently with a great many other European countries, selected gardens across Italy will open their gates to the public to share this extraordinary patrimony’s little known wealth of history, art, flora and landscape. In this same period APGI-Associazione Parchi and Giardini d’Italia will present an Italian Garden Route.

From 21th May a list of the gardens which have signed up to the Let’s Meet in the Garden initiative will be available on the site http://www.apgi.it.


Casa Lajolo, Piossasco (Torino).


Casa Biasi, Pesina di Caprino Veronese (Verona).


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