European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

“Our heritage: where the past meets the future”

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Throughout the year, we will discover and celebrate, on a local, regional, European and international level, the European cultural heritage in the wealth of its diversity, using it to learn about the common culture and history that we share.

Where can we recognise the European heritage in our cities, villages, in our rural landscapes? Monuments, landscapes, archaeological sites, art and literature, film, songs and video games, traditional know-how, museum collections, archives and libraries, files, food, wine: which of these will help us discover just how closely linked we really are? What can we learn? What will surprise us? What will develop us? How does our society benefit from cultural heritage? How can we help to interpret, promote, develop, preserve this great wealth? Let’s share our stories! Everyone is invited to participate in the thousands of activities planned throughout Europe.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage belongs to everyone, and we are all invited to experiment with, appreciate and benefit from our cultural heritage. The goal of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage everyone to discover and let themselves become involved in the cultural heritage of Europe, strengthening our sense of belonging to a common European area. To achieve this goal, we need to reach as large an audience as possible, and in particular children, young people, the local communities and those who rarely come into contact with culture, to promote a common sense of responsibility.



Video of the European Year 2018


In Italy, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) coordinates the implementation of this thematic year and is responsible for promoting and supporting the initiatives organised to help fulfil its objectives.

MiBAC is inviting citizens, associations and foundations, civil society and volunteering organisations, public and private cultural institutions, public administrations, companies and entrepreneurs, professionals and experts of the cultural heritage sector, as well as anyone else who is passionate about Europe and culture, and wants to contribute, to be a part of the project, to discover, share and tell the story of how our European cultural heritage unites us.


Take part, tell your story and share

How can you participate in the initiative?

  • By proposing an initiative of yours to be included in the Italian Agenda and identified with the mark of the European Year
  • By taking part in the initiatives recommended in the Italian Agenda
  • By following and using the European hashtags #EuropeForCulture and #SharingHeritage and the Italian hashtag #Patrimonio2018 and #PatrimonioItalia on social media
  • By participating in the competitions and other European and Italian initiatives:
  • Download and print the promotional material!


Siti europei dedicati all’Anno europeo del patrimonio culturale 2018

For an overview of the initiative, consult the website dedicated for the European Year by the European Commission:

Following is the list of the sites dedicated to the Year from other European countries:

Germany go to web site
Netherlands go to web site
Ireland go to web site
Luxembourg go to web site
Portugal go to web site
Estonia go to web site
Finland go to web site
Denmark go to web site
United Kingdom
United Kingdom go to web site

Propose your event

Are you an institution, an association, an organisation, a company, a foundation?

Request the mark of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 to encourage people to participate in the initiative, promote our cultural heritage as a shared resource, raise awareness about our history and common values and reinforce our sense of belonging to Europe.

Request the mark

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