Alghero for archaeology

Tales from the civic museum’s time notebooks.

via Carlo Alberto 72, alghero

From 24/05/2018 to 30/06/2018, Alghero

The first edition of a cycle of conferences sponsored by Alghero town council and the Alghero Foundation. The chosen theme is Alghero and its extraordinary cultural heritage ranging from a Paleozoic era fossil of the mammal’s ancestor to remains of dwarf mammoths, Palmavera and Sant’ Imbenia’s large Nuraghe villages to the Monte Carru Roman necropolis with their personal and legendary stories.

Conference themes:
– the mammal’s ancestor – the finding of the fossilised remains of cotylorhynchus, a ‘reptile’ species which lived around 290 million years ago;
– the Alghero dwarf mammal;
– the Palmavera nuraghe village with the presentation of the coming restoration project;
– the Sant’Imbenia, nuraghe village where the Phoenicians and Nuraghe met for the first time, launching a process of cultural exchange, etc.;
– personal and legendary stories: from the Tomba dello Scolaro to the Thracian cults at the Roman era necropolis at Monte Carru.


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