Discovering the Mater Domini Church in the Torchiano district of Miglionico

Miglionico, MT, Italia

From 01/03/2018 to 31/12/2018, Miglionico, Matera

The Chiesa Mater Domini in Torchiano (6th century) stands in what was once the entrance to the town. The church, profaned by the Turks and destroyed by various earthquakes, still preserves its statue of the Madonna. Its ruins echo with the history of the area and the people who now live there.

Miglionico’s Cultural Circle aims to research, valorise and recount its history, by collecting and consulting documents concerning the Mater Domini Church in the State Archives and Diocesan Archives in Matera, in the Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and in the Municipality of Miglionico. 

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