Interactive and Multi-lingual Audio Guide from Pesario to Bordeaux

Via Nanterre, Pesaro, PU, Italia

From 02/11/2017 to 31/05/2018, Pesaro

A twinning partnership between Pesaro (Marche) and Bordeaux (France). European town formation.
– develop our students’ perspectives on otherness – foreigners, Europe;
– combat prejudice;
– foster the integration of recently arrived students;
– research on the most common stereotypes on the French and comparison with the way they really are after having met and got to know them.

For further information, consult the attached programme.


Pesaro, Parco del Colle San Bartolo. Crediti Beatrice Crinelli.


Pesaro, Piazza del Popolo. Crediti Beatrice Crinelli.


Pesaro, Villa Caprile. Crediti Beatrice Crinelli.

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