Heritage and community for cultural heritage promotion.

Via Renato Balzarini, 1, Teramo, TE, Abruzzo, Italia

From 01/09/2018 to 31/12/2018, Teramo

Teramo University’s Centro di Documentazione Europea presents the Communities4Heritage founded on article 2 of the Faro Convention (Council of Europe, CETS NO. 199, FARO, 27.X.2005).

The initiative forms part of Rete italiana dei Centri di documentazione europea (CDE)’s 2018 Project Popoli, culture e tradizioni: un patrimonio comune per l’Europa del futuro – Peoples, Cultures and Traditions:a Shared Heritage for the Europe of the Future – developed in partnership with the European Commission’s Italian Delegation.

For further information, read the attached programme.


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