Art Encounters

By Battistello Caracciolo, a copy of St Joseph with the Christ Child.

Saludecio, RN, Italia

19/04/2018, Saludecio, Ravenna

The Museo di Saludecio e del Beato Amato, also drawing on the art of the Valconca region, organises periodical exhibitions that explore the cultural heritage entrusted to its care. Through the references and ideas contained within them, works of contemporary art and the art of the past are presented with the aim of developing the themes of encounter, knowledge and hospitality.

During his life, St Amato Ronconi made four pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, and, in addition to meeting a wide range of people during these journeys, also transformed his own home into a welcoming place for travellers. The themes of encounter and hospitality are core values at the museum devoted to the saint, and transmitted with cogent topicality. The exhibition will then travel to other venues, twinned in a relationship for cultural exchange.



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