Women’s contribution to European Cultural Heritage: Franca Florio and her day

Via Messina Marine, Palermo, PA, Italia

From 20/12/2018 to 30/12/2018, Palermo

Against the splendid background of the reborn Stand Florio, an Art Nouveau monument built at the behest of the Florio family, a photographic exhibition, documents and multimedia installations will pay tribute and rediscover the figure of Franca Florio as a woman committed to art and culture. The exhibition will take visitors through her life and times via period photographs, drawings and papers. The multimedia installations will recreate the atmosphere of the day, bringing the art, places and players of early 20th century Palermo Felicissima back to life. Contemporary artists will be invited to create site specific installations inspired by this theme, a chance for young artists, too, to get involved in and understand the European heritage.


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