EstOvest Festival 2018

From 10/10/2018 to 02/12/2018, Torino, Rivoli, Masino, Manta, Genova, Camogli, Pinerolo, Ivrea, Cantalupa

The 24 appointments in the 17th edition of the EstOvest Festival 2018 Luogi Immaginari focus on the storytelling theme and develop it from a range of vantage points.
The quality of the artists and the programme, the dissemination of the initiative locally, co-operation with other institutions and the choice of alternative sites to concert halls are opportunities to make contact with a diverse public.

There are traditional places such as theatres in Camogli and Ivrea, places with no links to contemporary music dissemination such as Museo Egizio, Museo E. Fico and Polo del ‘900 in Turin, Museo di Palazzo Reale in Genoa and everyday places such as the Farmacia di Porta Palazzo chemist and the Porta Nuova metro station.

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