Felsina pittrice

The story of the large fresco in the former library of the Carmelite Convent of San Martino told to the city.

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 5, Bologna, BO, Italia

From 04/05/2018 to 29/10/2018, Bologna

2018 was declared European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Union.

If a country wants to protect its heritage, to safeguard and conserve it, it must be vigilant to avoid its patrimony being eliminated or damaged. It must monitor it continually and systematically and never let its critical supervision guard down. It is thus crucial to recover and develop the politics-business-culture dialogue. Financial consciousness must be combined with culture, a civic sense and a quality code with which to judge and choose the best approach. In this way we can contribute to conserving and enhancing Bologna’s significant heritage and its specific artistic tradition.

This is the backdrop to the project which Centro Culturale San Martino is proposing for the European Year of Cultural Heritage entitled Felsina Pittrice: il grande affresco nell’ex biblioteca del Convento Carmelitano di San Martino raccontato alla Città.

It focuses entirely on getting to know and studying the great fresco by Girolamo Curti and Lucio Massari, dating to 1629, situated in the hall of city convent San Martino’s former library and plans to restore it.

It particular this will consist of a conference cycle, two concerts and other events being developed throughout the year, all designed to seek out funding for the project whose goal is conservation work.

The conferences will be held from May to October, on Thursday afternoons at 5 pm. Lecture topics will be inspired by the fresco. A story in multiple parts that brings the observer closer to the history contained in this great painting.

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