The Jelsi Wheat Festival

Jelsi, CB, Italia

26/07/2018, Jelsi

This Festa del Grano wheat festival in honour of St. Anna has deep roots in the Jelsi farming tradition. This is the origin of the symbolic choice of wheat as a tribute to offer the saint.
The event was originally a propitiatory harvest rite offering thanks and devotion to a saint who, in far off 1805, saved the town from the effects of a disastrous earthquake. Since then, every 26th July, ‘traglie’ (historic carts pulled by oxen used to transport wheat) and allegorical floats proceed along the town’s streets loaded up with wheat and beautifully decorated (wheat is shaped into amazing forms), together with the St. Anna cart on which the saint’s statue is placed in the midst of a triumph of decorations. The festival is very popular and a great many people take part for months in meticulous artistry work.


Traglia con trasportatore in costume, coppia di buoi, quadro della Santa e “pəlómme” (oggetto lavorato in paglia) che appartiene alla offerta votiva originaria [credits: Antonio Valiante].

Traglia con trasportatore in costume, coppia di buoi, quadro di sant’Anna, “pəlómme” (oggetto lavorato in paglia, che appartiene alla offerta votiva originaria) e bambini in costume tradizionale [credits: Antonio Valiante].

Riproduzione in grano di Amore e Psiche di Canova [credits: Antonio Valiante].

Il Carro di Sant’Anna realizzato con chicchi di grano e paglia [credits: Antonio Valiante].

Traglia (mezzo di trasporto del mondo contadino) addobbato con covoni, trecce di grano e scamozze appassite [credits: Antonio Valiante].



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