Festival dei Claustri

Opening the gates to the town.

Altamura, BA, Italia

From 31/08/2018 to 15/09/2018, Altamura

Festival dei Claustri encourages the dissemination of voluntary, participatory work via efforts by local people to regenerate the historic town. The project takes the form of a combination of history, architectural analysis of the cloisters and the decoration of these with fixed plants given by the organisation and cultural initiatives will also be organised.

The events are subdivided into 12 categories: music, theatre, cinema, dance, meetings with authors, exhibitions and handicrafts, workshops and focus groups, urban installations, guided visits and excursions. Decorating urban spaces in the towns with pot plants, donated to the town by the organisation, inside the cloisters, encourages residents to decorate and redevelop external areas around houses. Festival dei Claustri targets people who do not usually visit the historic centre and proposes to develop responsible, sustainable tourism.


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