Festival della Piana del Cavaliere

From 09/07/2018 to 22/07/2018, Piana del Cavaliere, L'Aquila

The Festival della Piana del Cavaliere is a cultural event, set up to highlight young European and international talent, with the aim of promoting European culture and its musical cultural heritage. To do so, it relies on intercultural exchanges between the various EU countries, represented by young musicians and teachers of European and international standing who teach and learn from each other throughout the festival in a mutually enriching experience.


Concerto divertissement, crediti foto: Fabrizio Aloisi


Spettacolo Antonello_Avallone, crediti: Fabrizio Aloisi.


Concerto sinfonica abruzzese. Crediti: Fabrizio Aloisi.


Pereto. Crediti foto: Fabrizio Aloisi.


Piana del Cavaliere. Crediti: Fabrizio Aloisi.

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