Giardino, eco di memorie

Open days in the garden.

SS1, 4, Bogliasco, GE, Italia

22/09/2018, Bogliasco

On Saturday 22nd September at 6 pm, with free entry and reservation only, the Bogliasco Foundation is offering an event in which past and future meet in an attractive, atmospheric and strongly topical scenario: in the context of Open Days in the Garden, the Villa dei Pini park, seat of the Programma di Borse di Studio Residenziali del Centro Studi per le Arti e le Lettere in Bogliasco, is opening its doors to the public as cultural and artistic heritage to conserve and share to educate and inspire. This garden is the meeting place of history, experiences, stories and creativity from a range of cultures and eras as a number of bursary holders in residence at the Centro Studi will testify. The day will end with a projection of the film, “La Scuola del Mediterraneo”.


In giardino, fotogramma del film La Scuola del Mediterraneo, Adel Oberto.


Sul prato, fotogramma del film La Scuola del Mediterraneo, Adel Oberto.

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