European Languages Day 2018

A series of events throughout the academic year.

From 24/09/2018 to 30/06/2019, Imola

For three years now, the European Languages Day, promoted by Imola based Ideas in Action, has become the new academic year’s main event. The clear message is guidance on our language courses and the importance of the European Union and European citizenship in all our lives. In addition to this specific 26th September event, we will be officially adding a programme dedicated to European heritage to our language curriculum programmes as an integral part in language education. This element has been there for years in various forms but the official brand will accord these initiatives the prestige and importance they deserve as well as the clearest way to channel resources and synergies in our small education centre. In a body as relatively small as our language school, in a town which cannot be said to be exactly involved in European scope initiatives on a citizenship or school level (despite the fact that the school receives European funds) it is not always easy to promote great, forward looking ideas on the strength of good will and personal vision alone.

The European spirit is alive and ever present within IDEAS IN ACTION’s walls and minds and for this reason the European Year of Cultural Heritage initiative supplies an important tool from which to receive support – however symbolic – to amplify the small voice of small-scale bodies which believe in the European spirit. In the multiplicity of activities and workshops taking place at schools of all levels, the themes taken on are European ones using educational material (including that specific to the European shared heritage) directly from the site. It is with great sadness, however, that we note a great lack of European citizenship spirit! Consequently, under the item ‘other’ I would like to mention a constant down-up effort – a grassroots movement – designed to raise awareness of the shared European heritage in various ways, linguistic, food and wine and cultural exchanges.




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