Invito a Palazzo

Sondrio, Italia

06/10/2018, Sondrio

On the occasion of the 17th edition of Invito a Palazzo, sponsored by ABI and organised together with banks signing up to the project, Credito Valtellinese is opening the doors of some of its historic properties for a whole day – Saturday 6th October 2018 – transformed for the day from banking offices into free access museum spaces.

Credito Valtellinese, which signed up to the first edition of the event, is opening its historic Palazzo Sertoli (Piazza Quadrivio, 8) and Grand Hotel della Posta (Piazza Garibaldi, 19) offices in Sondrio; Palazzo Ghelfi, the bank’s Trento offices (Piazza Pasi, 21), its Via S. Pio X bank in Rome, Centro Servizi in Via Feltre 75 in Milan, Palazzo Bambini in Fano (PU) and Palazzo Costa Grimaldi in Acireale (CT).


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