The Silk Route in Catanzaro and Calabria

Cultural and identity heritage to build a sustainable future.

Piazza G. Matteotti, Catanzaro, CZ, Italia

From 21/09/2018 to 23/09/2018, Catanzaro

The project is a multi-pronged initiative on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in relation to the project The Future is Made of Silk – Il Futuro è di Seta – to promote the cultural patrimony of the historic art of silk as an identity element in Catanzaro and Calabria’s cultural heritage.

A first event was organised on 24th April 2018. The event planned for September will last three days and include conferences, educational seminars for schools, exhibitions of historic silk artefacts and spinning, dyeing and weaving art demonstration workshops. The identity building and promotion workshop of the Silk Route itineraries in the areas involved will be presented during the event.


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