The Italian cities as cultural heritage

From 01/10/2018 to 31/12/2018, Siracusa, Brescia, Amalfi, Mondovì, Narni, Saluzzo, Padova, Gubbio

Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana AISU with Associazione Nazionale Centri Storico-Artistici ANCSA is organising a cycle of travelling activities (conferences, workshops, visits) to Italian towns to promote them not only as cultural heritage repositories but also for the tangible and intangible value they express through diversity, pluralism and multiculturality.

It is a travelling cycle taking place in Italian towns. The following have formally signed up: Siracusa, Brescia, Amalfi, Mondovì, Narni, Saluzzo, Padua, Gubbio. Others are currently doing so within the AISU member network which encompasses all Italian universities. Activities consist in conferences, round tables and guided visits and focus on dialogue – on site – relating to cultural and ethnic diversity and pluralism which Italian towns conserve traces of, with public engagement initiatives and educational activities for students and doctoral students. An introductory initiative to the theme on a European scale, is the AISU conference La città Multietnica nel mondo Mediterraneo. Storia, Cultura, Patrimonio, Università di Genova 4-5/6 2018.








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