The European Heritage Label in 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage

Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, Via del Collegio Romano, Roma, RM, Italia

10/10/2018, Roma

The international conference – that will take place in the Sala Spadolini at the Collegio Romano, seat of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities on September 11 – aims to focus on presenting the EU Action “European Heritage Label”, established with Decision no. 1194 of the European Parliament and Council in 2011. The primary objective of the Label is to strengthen the sense of belonging amongst European citizens, especially the young ones, based on shared values as well as European history and cultural heritage, while respecting national and regional diversity. The EHL also promotes intercultural dialogue through the recognition of sites with a symbolic European value, which have played an important role in European history and culture and/or in the construction of the European Union. Sites can be monuments; natural sites; underwater, archaeological, industrial or urban sites; cultural landscapes; memorials; pieces of cultural heritage, including contemporary heritage; intangible heritage associated to physical places.

The idea of the conference, organized by the Italian European Heritage Label National Coordinator – Elisabetta Scungio, from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – emerged from the thinking on cultural heritage prompted by the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. This represents an important opportunity for dissemination and debate on the European Heritage Label. Representatives from the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the European Commission, as well as National Coordinators and site managers of several EU Member States (Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Greece) will be present. They will discuss about the current state of the Action as well as the cultural policies adopted by Member States with the largest number of labelled sites. Some European Heritage Label Italian and European sites will be specifically presented, together with the application and selection procedures.

Participation is free, upon registration required at the following link:

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Museo Casa Alcide De Gasperi, Pieve Tesino (Trento), Italia.







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