Parkfest 2018

Meeting of the natural parks of the eastern Alpine region.

Piazza Municipio, Venzone, UD, Italia

From 27/05/2018 to 23/04/2018, Venzone, Udine

On Sunday 27 May the 16th edition of Parkfest will take place in Venzone (UD). The event is an important showcase for the protected areas of the Eastern Alpine Region, and will host presentations on the natural, historical, cultural, economic features of each natural park, not to mention their characteristic fine food and wines. Expositions, folklore, entertainment and typical products will tell the stories of the protected areas located in one of the most striking strips of Europe.

During the day, the event will host: stands of the Parks and their local specialities, tasting sessions, workshops and games, historical and cultural tours of the medieval town for adults and children, folk group performances and the openings of the permanent exhibitions “Foreste, Uomo, Economia nel Friuli Venezia Giulia” and “Tiere Motus”.


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