Progetto MemO, The memories of objects

A multi-disciplinary approach to study, digitalisation and the promotion of Greek and Magna Graecia ceramics in the Veneto region.

Piazza Capitaniato, Padova, PD, Italia

From 01/05/2018 to 31/03/2021, Padova

The aim of the Progetto MemO  three year research initiative launched by Padua University’s Cultural Heritage Department with a multi-disciplinary approach (lawyers, archaeologists, geologists, engineers, psychologists) is to study in-depth the collection building dynamics (private and museum), historic and contemporary trading flows (the art market), the role of the collector and the frequently connected phenomenon of cultural fakes.

The intention is to study the theme of ‘good practice’ with the dissemination of a culture of legality in the cultural context via student education initiatives, public meetings and academic study days.


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