Provveditore in Valcamonica. L’ora del supplente

Ceto, BS, Italia

From 01/09/2016 to 31/12/2018, Ceto, Brescia

The existing blog,, which takes its name from the magistrate sent by Venice to manage Valcamonica’s military action gives access to dozens of documents on the role played by Alpine valleys in the Thirty Year War, its economic and social impact, refugee management and the relationship between local communities and state body interests. Furthermore, a series of seminars available online will facilitate further study.

In 2018 the blog will include new documents written by a substitute magistrate in a form designed for specifically educational use in a section entitled ‘l’ora del supplente’ – the time of the substitute magistrate – while the project itself will be presented via a poster to the Associazione Italiana di Public History conference on 13th June.


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