The story of the industrial tow

The economic boom and the birth of Europe

Via Vittorio Veneto, Dalmine, BG, Italia

18/05/2018, Dalmine, Bergamo

Final meeting for the students taking part in the 7th edition of The story of the industrial town. A path of discovery via meetings, tours and workshops with historians, archivists, photographers, video operators, using different media to discover and creatively tell the story of the years of the economic boom and the birth of the European community.

The event is part of the programme of initiatives promoted by the Anchor Points and Italian sites of the ERIH (European Route of Industrial Heritage.

The Dalmine Foundation, registered as an Anchor Point for the European Route for Industrial Heritage, is organising workshop courses for schools from infant to secondary level. 

Dalmine (Bergamo). Studenti partecipanti al progetto Raccontare la città industriale nel parco della Fondazione Dalmine. Photo Studio U.V. © Fondazione Dalmine




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