Urban regeneration and culture

The San Salvi former Florence asylum patrimony, a regeneration engine An open debate in Italy and abroad.

Via di San Salvi, 12, Firenze, FI, Italia

From 04/09/2018 to 20/12/2018, Firenze

Ex-asylum cities, goods confiscated from the Mafia, state owned goods, abandoned stations, unused church property, abandoned hamlets, former factories and abandoned warehouses and state road maintenance buildings. This country has an extraordinary patrimony of unused goods which can be made available for local and community development projects, artistic and cultural production, socio-employment reintegration and new community welfare services.

This meeting-debate with anthropologists, architects, artists, students and town planners begins with San Salvi.
The project will continue at facilities and with staff from other European countries and involve conferences, book editions and the creation of a website.


Cinema a San Salvi_Foto di Cristina Giaquinta.


Ciminiera San Salvi_Foto di Tommaso Turchi.


Murale collettivo_San Salvi_1978 _ Foto Paolo Lauri.


Ri-generazione urbana San Salvi riparte dalla cultura.

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