Re-enactment of the 1806 Battle of Lauria

Piazza San Nicola, Lauria, PZ, Italia

08/08/2018, Lauria, Potenza

This re-enactment event has been organised with a combination of the performing arts and historic narration to guarantee the most effective form of public dissemination. The historic event is illustrated by carefully ensuring the accuracy of the historical facts and retracing its events: the battle saw the people fighting against the Napoleonic armies and led to the destruction of the town centre by fire and the loss of around one thousand lives. The intention of this re-enactment experiment is to commemorate this massacre but also to tell the story in artistic form with music, theatre and multi-media/film projections as an integral part of the community’s intangible cultural heritage.



Urban Screen. Dialogo. Facciata Chiesa di S. Nicola di Lauria Edizione 2015. Foto Archivio Centro Ulloa.


Urban Screen. Palazzo D’Auria, piazza San Nicola di Lauria. Edizione 2015, Foto Archivio Centro Ulloa.


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