Siena, SI, Italia

From 12/12/2017 to 12/12/2019, Siena

Rigenerar_SI aims to reconnect the historic town centre with the suburbs by creating a cycle and pedestrian path on the valley floor which helps relaunch the functions related to the ecosystem: mobility, tourism, nutrition, sport and health are the sectors that will create shared value and have an effect on the social and cultural aspects of the territory, promoting the local identity and strengthening the synergy between social networks.

The valley studied is the first “pilot valley” of the Parco delle Mura, Parco del Buongoverno, and it is also being studied by the University of Siena, as well as participating in work experience experiments for students. Last but not least, it focuses on activities that will characterise the European project Urbinat, designed to create “natural passageways” in which to launch experimental projects of social inclusion and circular economy.

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