S.A.S. Smart Archive Search

Artificial intelligence for access to the Polo del ‘900 cultural heritage

Via del Carmine, 14, Torino, TO, Italia

From 29/11/2018 to 30/11/2018, Torino

The aim of the S.A.S. – Smart Archive Search – project is to experiment with the potential of Artificial Intelligence to make our cultural heritage accessible by bringing in new and different user groups and getting them involved and interacting with the 20th century historical archive heritage.
From the starting point of 9centRo, the Polo del’99 digital platform which integrates the archive and library collections of 11 partner institutions, the Smart Archive Search uses artificial intelligence to make a heritage previously usable only by researchers and scholars accessible to various types of audiences.
Artificial intelligence effectively allows novel research methods to be used with the technological aspect supplemented by a participatory element which enables people to be brought into the task of training software agents who will surf through the databases.
Groups of citizens, local residents and primary and secondary school pupils will meet on 29th November to work on the archives.
The Smart Archive Search conference on 30th November will present the results of this work via a participatory interactive data visualisation experience. The project partner is HE-r – Human Ecosystems Relazioni.


Workshop in Sala lettura (Credits: Andrea Icardi).


Homepage della piattaforma 9centRo.


Workshop in Sala lettura (Credits: Andrea Icardi).

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