Slow & Cultural

Innovation, Sustainability and Accessibility in Contmporary Tourism

Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte, 2, Bologna, BO, Italia

From 30/05/2018 to 31/05/2018, Bologna

Tourist ‘slowness’, understood as a new sustainable use paradigm and enhancement of the disseminated cultural heritage is making increasingly pervasive use of ICT and, on the strength of this, finding new insights in an attempt to break down the barriers to cultural access whether these are infrastructural, personal, economic or physical. The areas whose experimentation in this field is the most active are taking a centre stage role in a process based on participation and finding resources for their development in it. The conference was introduced by MiBACT’s Director General of Tourism and is designed to bring institutions, universities and associations together to illustrate current synergies and foster further co-operation and innovative experiences.



Rocca di Bardi, Parma.


Rocca di San Leo, Rimini.


Basilica di San Luca a Bologna.


Paesaggio del delta del Po (Ferrara).

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