The travels of Capitan Matamoros – Theatre performances

Napoli, NA, Italia

From 14/09/2018 to 07/10/2018, Napoli

The travels of Capitan Matamoros is an international Commedia dell’Arte festival directed by Luca Gatta from Campania. The theme of the fifth edition, organised by the En Kai Pan Coop of Naples, focuses on Theatre scenarios. How many ways are there to write the theatre scenario and what are these? Where did they originate and how can they be developed to imagine the theatre of the future?

Starting from the Commedia dell’Arte, a polymorphic genre that combines an exquisitely corporeal, performance-based dimension with a poetic, literary one, and its contemporary rewritings, we will take stock of some of the most influential theatre trends and reforms of the late twentieth century, focusing in particular on some of the pathways created within the context of the Third Theatre, to focus the results of the research and the importance of their transmission in developing new forms for the scenario.”

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