Educational library tours

Noto, SR, Sicilia, Italia

From 12/12/2017 to 31/05/2018, Noto, Siracusa

For the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the diocesan Library of the Seminary College in Noto has organised the event “Educational visits to the Library”. The event will last throughout 2018 and is intended for groups of people of any age, who wish to discover the history and heritage of the diocesan Library.

The visits will be based on the following programme:

• A welcome from the Director in the multimedia room of the library;

• A brief outline of the history of the diocesan Library and its heritage;

• A viewing of a short film on the origins of the moveable type press;

• A tour of the library’s modern collection and the first course on “Managing a library collection: from inventories to lending”;

• A visit to the personal collections donated by Bishops and Priests of the diocese;

• A tour of the old collection and the second course on “The ancient book: from printing to binding”.

For information or to book a visit, please contact:
tel. +39 0931 573405; 339 2061919; 347 7192161.


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